Our Vision


Pine Mountain Remedies has a five-year plan to become a vertically integrated company that grows, processes, and sells organic, high-CBD floral material, while also providing opportunities for small-scale farmers throughout Central Appalachia.


Pine Mountain Remedies is going to work with small farmers throughout Central Appalachia in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia.


Mountain Location

The Appalachian landscape is ideally suited for CBD hemp because the steep, forested hills protect the hollows from the wind-blown pollen of industrial hemp farms. The risk of cross-pollination, which can contaminate plants and alter CBD and THC levels, is also minimized by the fact that very little hemp is currently grown in Appalachia. Most industrial hemp in Kentucky is grown on large, flat areas in the central part of the state.

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Soil Quality

Most farming land across the country has been used for field crop and commercial agricultural production for many years. As a result, chemical fertilizer and pesticide residues are likely found in the soil, both impacting product purity and making organic certification more difficult. In these farming areas, there is also greater competition for land use as well as concerns with taking land out of food production.


New Opportunities

The economy of Appalachia is one of the most depressed regions in the country. Local communities are in great need of opportunities. Many residents have access to 1- to 3-acres of quality family land and a strong work ethic. CBD cooperative farming is an ideal answer because it produces a modern, high-value product using the resources and skills that already exist in the region.

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The Region

Pine Mountain Remedies will work with small farmers in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia. These three states are in the heart of Central Appalachia with quick and easy access regionally and along the entire East Coast.


Year 1: Growing Pilot Program

After site preparation in late 2018, a variety of hemp strains will be grown on five sites in Eastern Kentucky during the 2019 growing season (approximately 30,000 plants). These sites are representative of other farming land available throughout Central Appalachia for CBD hemp production. The dried floral material will be sold to existing CBD processors and to outlets that sell packaged floral material.

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Year 2: Growing and Processing

Growing sites will be expanded to at least 10 more sites of similar acreage for around 100,000 plants in production in 2020. This may either take the form of actively involved landowners who provide a significant portion of the labor in a cooperative framework, and/or 2-3 seasonal full time employees may be hired to take care of the plantings. Rather than directly sell CBD floral material to processors in central and western KY, a short path distillation system will be purchased to create CBD wax and oil that will be sold to larger producers and blended with their product.


Year 3 - Fully Vertically Integrated

The past two years of intensive production across multiple sites and active community outreach have created a wellspring of interest from potential growers, enabling a significant expansion to 500,000 plants, some on land leased and directly managed by PMR workers). Experience with oil distillation has enabled the production of high-quality finished CBD product that will be sold directly to consumers through online and brick-and-mortar retailers.


Year 4: Scaling and Expansion

The established trend will be accelerated, encompassing up to 100 acres across 30 to 50 sites, growing 1 millions plants. Extraction equipment will be upgraded from the relatively inefficient short path distillation to supercritical CO2 extraction, which has higher purity, and capital cost. Product lines will be expanded, as will outlets through which product is distributed. Promotional events such as a hemp-focused outdoor festival will be sponsored by PMR, further building recognizability and reputation in the region and beyond.

Year 5 and Beyond

With a solid model in place and continued expansion throughout eastern KY, southern WV, and southwest VA, the company will now be highly attractive for large-scale investments or a potential acquisition.